Our Mission

Sacramento Self Help Housing (SSHH) in collaboration with Community Link, Project Sentinel, Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC), and the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley provides telephone counseling and mediation services for unincorporated Sacramento County residents in a housing crisis or dispute. The program counselors will deal directly with concerns regarding landlord-tenant disputes and help refer fair housing issues to the appropriate agency.

Partnership Roles

SSHH will provide housing counseling and landlord-tenant mediation for landlord-tenant issues. Fair housing concerns will be directed to Project Sentinel, RHA, or LSNC.

Project Sentinel will provide community outreach, education, and training in multiple languages. They will also help investigate complaints.

RHA will provide fair housing training and distribute fair housing educational information to landlords and tenants in multiple languages and preform investigations.

LSNC will provide litigation support for fair housing claims where appropriate.

How it works

Any phone calls coming into the office related to landlord -tenant issues or concerns are directed towards two full-time staff members. The housing counselors will complete an intake directly into our online system and provide immediate services. We categorize the concerns into eight areas:

  • Application process and policies
  • Violations of rental agreement
  • End of tenancy and evictions
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Property maintenance
  • Safety and criminal activity
  • Discrimination
  • Other concerns

The housing counselors provide tenant education, mediation, housing referrals, and referrals to other appropriate agencies. Tenant education involves informing callers of their rights and providing them information via email, fax, or mail. The housing counselors have been trained by Code Enforcement and Project Sentinel. In addition, they receive ongoing training from RHA.